Poster for Natty Knocks Directed by Dwight Little

“Dwight has a very specific way of approaching story telling. He is one of my favorite directors that I trust will help me find the character and performance. This book details his approach to the business and I highly recommend it to all aspiring directors.”
Robert Patrick, Saturn Award winner, best known for portraying the iconic villain, T-1000, in Terminator 2

Dwight Little had done the near-impossible—sustained a decades-long career as a director. In this funny, revealing, generous book, Dwight tells us how he did it—including insights on how to get movie and TV stars to think your ideas are their ideas, when to favor personal loyalty over personal advancement (and when not to!), how to turn disaster into opportunity, how to make a gigantic train look like it’s moving when it’s not, and how to know when your goose is (temporarily) cooked.”

Hart Hanson, creator and showrunner of Bones

“Excellent. An honest and engrossing fly on the wall account of the Director’s journey…the highs and lows memorably realized.”

Lauren Donner, producer, X-Men, Logan, and Deadpool